Combox is an all-in-one process optimization platform for smart manufacturers



Quote Process Management

  • Close monitoring using KPI and email alerts.
  • Monitoring dates and multiple statuses.
  • Attached documents.


Manufacturing & Assembly Ranges

  • Principle of publication (prevent modification) and revision (changes).
  • Cut into different operations.
  • Which are divided into tasks of several types (shipping, receiving, machining, assembly, subcontracting).
  • For which each work instruction can be detailed by attaching various documents (PDF, video, audio).


Scheduling Tasks

  • The tasks to be performed are displayed in order and when the conditions are met.
  • When the previous task is started and/or completed.
  • When at least one part is available (successfully completed in a previous machining task).



Quality Assurance

  • Mandatory measurements based on the minimum number of pieces to be measured per batch.

Document Management

  • Can be attached to almost anything (customers, quotes, parts, ranges, operations, tasks, work instructions, tools, specifications, work centres, machines, etc.)
  • Principle of revision/publication/approval/archiving for certain types of documents.
  • Centralized warehouse in the database with notion of file and secure access by user group.

Complete Parts Management

  • Revisions, publication, archiving
  • Assemblies, graphic visualization of the structure
  • Serialization
  • Unique automatic numbering according to order and/or customer
  • Tracking by part serial number for each manufacturing step
  • Precise definition of the characteristics/measures to be taken for quality assurance and ISPs.
  • Notifications (alerts / non-compliance) 

Use of Templates, Lists, and Wizard

  • Various templates and software wizards are used to reduce the time required to perform management tasks in the software as well as the risk of errors, including during
  • The creation of a routing
  • Importing part specifications
  • Assigning measurement tools
  • The selection from a list of an item linked to others (e. g. category=>type=>type=>subtype) all easily configurable.

Multilingual Platform

  • The display of labels, lists, list items and messages is configurable and multilingual
  • Everything is likely to be used in more than one language and can be easily configured.
  • Each user can select his or her preferred language

Administrative Benefits

Empowering Leaner, Smarter, More Profitable Manufacturing

Manage Projects

  • Gabarit
  • Raw Material
  • Labor Training
  • Documentation
  • Purchased Parts
  • Special Processes
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Equipment Calibration

Optimize Processes

  • Track your processes performance using key performance indicators.

Ramp Up Learning

  • 2X your labor training by integrating control and content accessible to all!

Promote Good Habits

  • Involve your employees in a continuous feedback loop
  • Refine your processes

Protect Your Data

  • Secure your data by department
  • Secure your data by user

Manufacturing Benefits

Suitable for:

Aerospace, Automotive, Bags, Furniture and Apparel Companies

Reduce Errors & Risks

  • Improve quality
  • Eliminate accidents

Live & Flexible KPIs

  • Standardize your processes
  • Standardize your work instructions
  • Reduce lost time across the board
  • Centralize your documentation

Optimize Project Costs

  • Evaluate your project costs in real time
  • Receive cost overrun alerts

Be On Target (JIT)

  • Be connected in real time with your ERP via the Combox data cloud

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