Combox is an all-in-one process optimization platform for smart manufacturers

Suitable for: Aerospace, Automotive, Bags, Furniture and Apparel Companies

Our clients include manufacturers of some of the world’s biggest clothing brands including Adidas, Nike, speedo, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, GAP and Victoria’s Secret.

We also service a wide range of non-apparel clients who make goods as diverse as plush toys, car seat covers and sailing boat hulls. Wherever there’s a need to cut something out, there’s an opportunity for us to help you do it better.

Innovation via partnerships

At combox, we believe in partnering with leading companies to ensure that Combox remains exposed to the most complex and difficult business cases. This allows Combox to innovate as new market needs arise and helps it stay ahead of the competition. We can adapt the Combox platform to the needs of any client.

White-Label Ready

We opt not to tie our clients into SaaS contracts. Clients can opt-in to buy their own version of the software (licenses to them) where they can add custom functionality, branding, and much more. We work with white-label partners to turn their innovative goals in a reality when it comes to manufacturing.

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