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IoT Meets Manufacturing

Combox makes use of modern technologies and AI to extend the functionality of traditional ERP systems.

At its core, it helps managers retain live access to any and all manufacturing/assembly data with flexibility/granularity in mind. This helps to automate and systemize most administrative tasks involved with any manufacturing process.

The software displays instructions for working, manufacturing or multiple assembly, from simple to very complex parts (parent-child), using a very intuitive and attractive visual interface. It is the best complement to current ERP systems.

It adds relevant functionalities to achieve the level of detail required in the aerospace industry, among others. The system offers outstanding user-friendliness and speed of use, even without a keyboard or mouse for factory installed workstations.

Combox combines the advantages of several products into one, such as centralized document management, a dashboard system, an alert and compliance monitoring system, work instruction management, tool management (expiration/calibration), etc.

Operating with this new methodology helps to make better business decisions using performance indicators (KPIs) and quickly draws attention to emergencies or problems through the alert system.

Administrative Benefits

Empowering Leaner, Smarter, More Profitable Manufacturing

Manage Projects

  • Gabarit
  • Raw Material
  • Labor Training
  • Documentation
  • Purchased Parts
  • Special Processes
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Equipment Calibration

Optimize Processes

  • Track your processes performance using key performance indicators.

Ramp Up Learning

  • 2X your labor training by integrating control and content accessible to all!

Promote Good Habits

  • Involve your employees in a continuous feedback loop
  • Refine your processes

Protect Your Data

  • Secure your data by department
  • Secure your data by user

Manufacturing Benefits

Suitable for:

Aerospace, Automotive, Bags, Furniture and Apparel Companies

Reduce Errors & Risks

  • Improve quality
  • Eliminate accidents

Live & Flexible KPIs

  • Standardize your processes
  • Standardize your work instructions
  • Reduce lost time across the board
  • Centralize your documentation

Optimize Project Costs

  • Evaluate your project costs in real time
  • Receive cost overrun alerts

Be On Target (JIT)

  • Be connected in real time with your ERP via the Combox data cloud

Is Combox Right For You?

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