Improve your performance

Standardize your processes and work instructions. Reduce lost time.
Centralize your documentation

Stimulate your employees

Involve your employees in continuous improvement. Optimize your processes

Be on target (JIT)

Be connected in real time with your ERP

Improve your labor training

Double the speed of your labor training by integrating controlles content that is accessible by all!

Project costs

Evaluate your project costs in real time. Receive cost overrun alerts

Take charge of your processes

Track your processes performance using Key Performance Indicators

Reduce risks and errors

Improve quality and eliminate accidents

Manage your projects

Control :

  • Raw Material;
  • Purchased parts;
  • Special processes;
  • Gabarit;
  • Maintenance and Calibration of equipment
  • Labor (training);
  • Documentation;

Secure your data

Secure your data by département or user

Communicate with your customers and suppliers

Improve quality and eliminate accidents

Share data with your customers and suppliers thru web portal

Support manufacturing businesses in their transition to the Industry 4.0 era…

About Us › Our Mission

Combox first appeared at SF Tech in 2007, a machining business located in the outskirts of Montreal, Canada. SF Tech specializes in the machining of medium sized hard metal, exotic and non-ferrous alloys, as well as sub-assemblies for the commercial, military and business jet sectors.

The vision, passion and creativity of Mr. Gagné and Mr. Thibodeau have helped the business to progress towards the digital era thanks to COMBOX. A solution adaptable to already used ERP’s.

Founder of the software

Mr. Benoit Gagné,  Chairman of the Board of Directors

A machinist by trade with more than 33 years experience in business management. He was the founding president of Cheminee Lining Inc., founding president of MALEX DEV Inc. and co founder of Aciers Trans-ROLL Inc. HE joined SF Tech in 2007 as President, while maintaining is functions at Cheminee Lining Inc. which was later sold in 2011. His commitment with the new ownership ended in 2014. M. Gagné currently concentrates his efforts at simplifying and automating the business processes generated by the complex and demanding aerospace sector.

Danny Thibodeau, President SF Tech

An Electronics Technician by trade, with more than 23 years experience with Six Sigma and Lean Management. Coming from Matrox, a world leader in graphics video cards an add-in systems, he worked as production manager and continuous improvement leader. One of his strong points is value chain optimisation, process standardisation and automation of business and manufacturing processes.

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1400, rue Nationale, Terrebonne, Quebec (Canada) J6W 6M1
1 514 710-8001
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